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Virut Panchabuse

Creating dynamic, eye-catching portraits inspired largely by popular culture, Thai artist Virut Panchabuse is a successful East-Asian artist who has now caught the attention of art collectors worldwide and is emerging rapidly onto the European contemporary art scene. With his first exhibition taking place in Amsterdam in 2017, his work has subsequently been exhibited in contemporary galleries across Europe and purchased for many private collections including that of Italian fashion giant Luciano Benetton.

The artist’s large-scale energetic portraits are collages which are executed through the process of tearing, cutting and layering of magazine pages onto the canvas. It is a meticulous technique which requires the skill of selecting and placing different shades and colours together which will gradate to form each portrait and the illusion of three dimension.

Inspired by people and cultures from all over the world, the artist celebrates both difference and similarity, traversing between the depiction of famous icons from pop-culture to everyday characters who have sparked his interest. We are very excited to be introducing these vibrant pieces to the gallery which are visually striking from a distance and even more intriguing when viewed from up close and the intricate construction of them is revealed.

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