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Vanni Saltarelli

Vanni Saltarelli was born in 1945 in Fino Mornasco in the province of Como. His desire to paint started as a young child. He was passionate about painting and received early support from his father, Napoleone Saltarelli, who was an eminent painter and musician. He studied art in Milan at the Castello Art School where he graduated in 1965. He started exhibiting his work as early as 1964. In this city he had his cultural education and his first artistic contacts. He became a part of the “Group 2”, which developed an intense operational commitment and he also showed his works at several exhibition venues, including the Gallery “l’Isola” and “La Parete” in Milan, the Gallery “Casa Mia” in Busto Arsizio, the old town hall “Arengario” in Monza and the Gallery “Portici” in Cremona. From starting to display his work his calendar became full of appearances and recognitions. Among other solo exhibitions he presented his works at the “Coin d’art” of Genova, the Teatre Minimo of Mantova, the Pianella of Cantù and the Crypt of Milan.

The commitment of those years saw him as a designer of the Teatre Stabile of Como. Later he started to teach painting at the Academy Aldo Galli of Como and Gallarate, while also extending his exhibitions abroad.

Since 1970, Salterelli’s paintings have been characterized by a highly dynamic representation of the figure in motion. Harmoniously expressionistic, the female form is balanced with a tension between colour and graphics. The magic of his paintings lies in the powerful, sometimes painful eroticism, although this is made relative by the pervasively lyrical sense.

Vanni Saltarelli currently lives and works in the Italian city of Gallarate.

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