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Trevor Mills

Trevor is a boatbuilder by trade and has spent all of his working life as a joiner, building ships and boats. As long as he can remember he has always had the urge to make and create things from wood or other materials.

He is always busy making things even things he knew he didn’t need but just loved to create them!

Along side this, Trevor has a keen interest in wildlife and nature where he finds the inspiration for his art and sculptures. He loves the shapes, curves and flowing lines in the natural world. He finds it very satisfying working with wood and bringing out the grain pattern which can enhance the finished piece.

He generally creates one off pieces rather than multiples as the ideas are sometimes influenced by the piece of timber available and evolve as the works progress. He also likes to use recycled materials so most of the wood comes from off cuts or salvaged from old DIY or joinery projects.

His recent sculptures have been inspired by the work of Barbara Hepworth. Trevor likes the way her wooden sculptures incorporate painted sections which he has included in his own work.

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