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Thitithep Roeknamchai

An accomplished oil painter, Thitithep studied and trained in European art traditions and movements with his subsequent work initially reflecting this. Intrigued by human nature, he would paint female figures such as women bathing, using soft light, muted pastel colours and soft textures not dissimilar to Impressionist style painting. Born in 1979 in Nontaburi, Thailand, Thitithep is a portraiture artist with an academic background who obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Silpakorn University in 2003. Continuing his quest for skills and knowledge he completed his master’s degree at the same university in 2011.

Thitithep like all artists began to break away from the traditional foundations studied in art education to develop his own distinct style with contemporary cultural influences. Recently focusing on portraying children in martial arts poses, there is irony in his paintings, they are bold, fluid, compelling and immediately stop the viewer in their tracks. Inspired by his own country and the passion for contact sports, Thitithep applies vibrant colour palettes whilst maintaining his soft blending approach to the application of the paint.
Emerging on to the international art scene, his contemporary portraiture is now sold in galleries around the world, including the UK, Italy, Thailand, Guatemala, Bali, and Australia.

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