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Sergio Martinez

A prominent contemporary figurative and portrait artist, Sergio Martinez was born in Chile in 1966 and currently lives in Madrid Spain. A talented painter from a young age, Sergio’s existentialist outlook led to him entering many art competitions in his youth and pursuing a highly successful career in art. Working as an artist, he also directed painting workshops in Chile for over 10 years and has taken part in numerous international art fairs from Buenos Aires to New York. After moving to Spain, he has worked with the prestigious Sammer Gallery which holds a permanent collection of his work.

Inspired by theatrical settings, the artist’s models are often performers such as acrobats and dancers. Working in the photo-realist genre, there is a captivating lyrical quality to Sergio’s paintings. Applying harmonious, elegant colour palettes, the artist paints with oil on linen. We are always amazed by his breathtaking compositions and the moments of time that he skillfully captures.

“Dancers are an inexhaustible resource which is tremendously seductive. By depicting them I can transmit things; they take comfort in each other, they confide in each other, they wait for auditions…Whatever it is you have to say whether it is simple or complicated, is transformed in to beauty when it is said by means of a gesture or a movement by these magical performers.”

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