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Nimit Tungsatjit

A rare find in the contemporary art world, we find upcoming artist Nimit Tungsatjit’s work thought-provoking, intriguing and refreshing in its exploration of more metaphorical subject matter. The Symbolist movement of the mid 19th century is clearly an influence for the artist; the prevalent purpose of each piece of artwork is to evoke emotions and contemplations from the viewer rather than to describe or represent a clear, physical narrative.

Nimit explores the human condition, particularly the cycles of life that are often inspired by his dreams. Graduating in the early 2000’s from the faculty of painting, sculpture and graphic arts at Silpakorn University Bangkok, Nimit has since developed his art practice which centres around 2D mixed-media painting to convey those subjects of the inner subconsciousness and dream states.

Combining paint, charcoal, graphite, ink and metal leaf onto canvas and linen, these are sensitively constructed large-scale artworks which focus on line, texture, muted colour palettes and limited areas of shading and tone which consequently achieve a sense of those fading visual memories of dreams. The artist is a strong believer in the balance of life which inspires his desire to create visual interpretations of the array of emotions we experience as human beings and the connections we make with people and nature.

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