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machOne is a contemporary urban artist whose experience emerges from two relatively opposing art forms – the rawness of being a street graffiti writer since the 1980’s and a career in commercial graphics. Consequently machOne’s ‘signature’ from his street art background is at the core of his art, however this is combined with a pop-art style focused on high quality clean lines and crisp presentation.

Influenced by comic art such as Marvel, DC and Manara, machOne incorporates his signature along with paint drips, splatter, soft fades and bold colour to create impactful, evocative paintings – the use of text being integral in creating that sense of energy.

‘I believe art should be emotive, provoke a reaction, thought or conversation.’

Spending years working in commercial graphics with big brands and high quality digital print, machOne understands the importance of presentation. However, none of his art is digital, everything is hand-painted. Applying traditional graffiti techniques combined with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the visual, creative industries, machOne has developed a distinct and striking urban contemporary pop art style!

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