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Jessie Foakes

Born and raised in Essex, Jessie is a tattoo artist who recently transitioned her medium from skin to canvas. Over the past year, Jessie has picked back up her brushes and her creative passion has been reignited. She continues to evolve her creative practice every day, experimenting with new characters, colours and themes.

Jessie says, “”I’’m used to working in a kind of here and there style, and I guess that’s how I paint. I love working with something super obvious and changing it into how I see it… a change here and there… see how we go. I use anything to paint with, rulers seem to be a go to at the moment but just anything I can get my hands onto really – snapped bits of wood, palette knifes, pens, spray paint.””

The processes Jessie applies to her painting contrast dramatically to her highly controlled tattoo work – her paintings are fresh, vibrant and expressive.

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