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James Blinkhorn

The owner of Vermilion gallery, James Blinkhorn is an artist and former illustrator who creates paintings exploring an array of subject matter using a broad range of media. Born in Manchester in the 1960’s, upon leaving college James established an illustration business with two friends pitching work for advertising agencies from Manchester to London.

‘We had to be able to work in any medium demanded of us, it would be an oil painting one day, charcoal the next. If someone ever asked “Are you experienced in pastels” we would never say no, but just go and learn it.’

This is the period where James built upon his natural artistic ability and became accomplished in many creative styles and processes.

Most notably known for his intricate and atmospheric large-scale cityscapes, James Blinkhorn paints subjects from romantic scenes to animal portraits. Also regularly producing commissions for clients both domestically and commercially, James’ time is often split between design work at the computer and painting infront of the easel.

‘Most people find a genre and stick to it…I can’t do that. I have too many ideas, there are just too many things going on to inspire me. I can’t just paint in one style for the rest of my life.’