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Jack Few

From his modest studio in Chester, Jack is creating paintings which explore the mysterious world of abstraction. Working predominantly with oils, he aims to create a harmonious surface, where colour, form and texture all live as one and ultimately, tell a story.

Jack’s wide knowledge of art informs his copious inspirations. From the atmosphere of Monet and Turner to the boldness of Twombly and Kline, he hopes to find a mutual middle ground that suits his tumultuous aesthetic.

This series of work is about creating atmosphere. It’s about hosting turbulent colour and form whilst simultaneously evoking calmness and balance; chaos and cohesion. “I aim to charge different surfaces with paint that informs a world bursting at the seams. They’re strips of memory exaggerated and enhanced by music and a gut feeling that urges to tease out a story, that’s already in my mind. Music is integral to the process. That’s where the core of the painting emerges, I try to mirror the sensations of the music and their climatic explosive peaks and meanderings. I work in a very free fluid movement, creating impulsive symbols and gestural marks which are subliminally placed. The work is trying to speak for itself and i’m trying to catch up. It’s a language I create but don’t necessarily understand. I love to play in that mystery. My paintings portray a raw and tactile approach of scraping, scratching, layering, thinning, all the elements constantly fighting for space. There’s a constant push and pull with the surface. The viewers obviously make their own interpretation with abstraction, but ultimately I’d like to be able to evoke in the viewer a sense of suspense, hightened imminence and world that appears to be bursting through the surface towards them.”

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