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Gary Walton

Gary Walton was born in Worcester in 1962. Although he demonstrated a talent for art from an early age, he never considered pursuing a full time career as an artist. He instead moved through the school system and into a conventional job. He always loved to paint. Resulting in a lot of his spare time painting landscapes real or imagined.

After receiving continual encouragement from his wife, Gary decided to take his art more seriously. Walton turned semi-professional while continuing to work part time as a back up supporting his family.

For three years he painted in his studio. He sold his artwork to both private collectors and a variety of retail outlets. Gary’s latest distinctive watercolours concentrate on a mixture of buildings and coastal scenes. Although exquisitely observed they are painted in a stylised manner. This gives them a slight but intriguing air of fantasy.

Moving away from the coast in more recent years, Gary Walton’s love for the coast is evident in a vast amount of his work. Boats, beach huts and lighthouses often appear in his work. Thus creating a very whimsical and fun loving approach. This also gives the viewer a chance to escape to his fantastical locations.

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