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A Cheshire born artist, Eve graduated with a Fine Art degree and later a post-graduate in art education. After teaching in schools and delivering Art for Well-being classes in supported housing facilities, Eve went on to work in the independent gallery industry in the northwest as an art consultant and curator.

Inspired by the natural world and its life-cycles, Eve creates paintings which capture abstractions of forms within the landscape whether it is exploring close-up textural detail of trees or the interplay of light upon a vista.

Eve’s latest paintings are fluid representations of the changing patterns of light and movement across the landscape.

‘It is an important part of the process for the paint itself to inform the final outcome. The beauty of abstraction is that the composition and forms within it evolve and adapt with the effects of the paint and the nuances it creates. This results in expressive impressions of the subject-matter and leaves the viewer able to develop their own interpretation of each painting.’

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