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E J Macdonald

Elizabeth’s artistic journey began in the historic city of Chester, where she was born and raised. After a period of exploration and professional development in London, her passion for art led her to pursue a degree and Masters at the University of Brighton, where she honed her skills and developed her unique artistic voice.

Following her academic pursuits, Elizabeth embarked on a transformative journey, travelling extensively and immersing herself in diverse cultures and landscapes. It was during this time that she began to establish herself as a professional artist, selling her work both nationally and internationally. Specialising in bespoke pieces tailored to individual spaces, Elizabeth’s business flourished as she seamlessly blended creativity with commercial acumen.

After embracing motherhood, Elizabeth felt a magnetic pull back to her hometown of Chester, where she returned over a decade ago. Here, she continued to nurture her artistic practice, combining her experiences and observations, inspired by her travels.

Elizabeth’s art defies categorisation, often pushing the boundaries of mixed media and composition to create dynamic and thought-provoking contemporary pieces. Her collections showcase a diverse range of subjects united by her signature techniques, textures, and painterly style. Drawing inspiration from nature and landscapes, she imbues her work with a sense of spontaneity and emotion, allowing each piece to evolve organically until she deems it complete.

Sketches, mark-making and photography merely lays the foundation for Elizabeth’s artistic process. Her paintings undergo a transformative journey, evolving spontaneously and boldly as she delves deeper into the mood of the moment or her emotional response to a specific space or subject. Each mark becomes a conduit for her innermost thoughts and feelings, resulting in captivating artworks that resonate with both the artist’s personal experiences and the viewer’s emotions.

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