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Blott Works

BLOTT WORKS was launched in September 2014 by Dan Morrison, an artist/engineer with many years experience creating intriguing worlds and objects.

Dan is one of those people who was just born restless. Never wanting to be a tourist but wanting to experience life as fully as possible he is always on the lookout for a new way to do something or something new to do. His path has taken him through the worlds of engineering design, of drums and drum-making, of performance and the performing arts, music and the sound arts, through to the worlds of computer science, of software and digital development.

BLOTT WORKS represents a combination of all the things that Dan enjoys most and he will continue to pour all his restless energy into BLOTT WORKS until he can pour no more.

The name comes from Great Aunt Mary BLOTT, a supremely strong and generous woman, a matriarch of the Morrison family, brought up in Hampton Court Palace as daughter of the Clerk of Works, ran a chemist’s shop for much of her working life, retired to an often-flooded house by the docks, and who lived and loved life to the age of 101.

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