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Arun Yeesman

A renowned watercolour artist in his native Thailand, Arun studied fine art at the Poh-chang Academy of Art, Rajamangala University of Technology in Bangkok. In recent years his focus has moved to large-scale contemporary portraiture which has caught the attention of a more global market with his work now being held in private collections worldwide.

His portraits comprise of females in striking poses, often projecting an enhanced expression that the viewer may either easily interpret, or wonder what the underlying thoughts may be. Arun says, ‘I don’t know what they are thinking, I continue to search endlessly for that answer in my paintings.’

Using a mixed-media painting approach, the artist often also applies gold leaf and metallic paints to his work. Using bold palettes but keeping the range of colours minimal, Arun will apply a contrasting colour as well as areas of pattern and motifs. Some of his paintings will take on a more symbolic approach and are almost reminiscent of Byzantine icon art but with motifs influenced by Asian culture and with a contemporary protagonist. Other paintings however, the symbolism is stripped back, the predominant focus being the character and expression.

We appreciate the mischievousness in Arun’s paintings, his portraits make us smile as you wonder what is behind the expressions.

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