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Angelo Bellini

Angelo Bellini was born in Mantua. He studied at the art school of sculptor Beronzoni and artist Minuti in Mantua. He later attended the Art Academy in Milan.

Bellini has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Italy, as well as at the Biennales in Milan and Padua.

The Italian art critic Carlo Munari describes his work as follows: “For Bellini, the art of painting is a conjuring up of the treasures of the memory. On first impression, his paintings appear to be realistic, as they have a clear association with reality, but when one goes beyond this level, one reaches a world of fantasy in which forms become metaphors. Parts of his work symbolise the fate of those subjected to struggle, victory and defeat.”

The artist’s works can be found in private collections in the USA, Italy, Switzerland, France and in Germany.

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