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Alex Jawdokimov

We are privileged to have two paintings available at the gallery by the late Russian born artist Alex Jawdokimov. Having led a very full life after a harsh childhood living through the holocaust, Alex emigrated to the UK in 1947 at the age of 10 and eventually became renowned for his paintings of birch trees which he would render beautifully with added metal leaf to reflect the iridescent woodland colours.

Alex always had a passion for painting but also achieved several other creative successes. He was born on a farm in Smolensk before spending his childhood years in concentration camps across Europe. Surviving the holocaust, Alex and his mother, who had entertained British troops in refugee camps during the war, moved to England in 1947, where his mother found work as a housekeeper in a stately home in Somerset. Alex went on to train at Somerset College of Art.

The artist also worked as an illustrator and designer, a dancer, a musician and an actor! He has played roles in films alongside Sean Connery and Micheal Caine and worked with directors John Sturges and Ken Russell. He acted in the war film ‘The Eagle Has landed’ where he played a German officer during World War II.

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